principles of the humanities second essay topic

Select a SECOND topic for an essay from the following two to submit for this assignment page. Each will be discussed in terms of the humanities experience as the associated media are covered. Follow the prompts and produce essays of approximately 350 significant words on the topic of your choice from the topics provided on this page, to be submitted before the end of term. The format can be based on the following simple structure or formats you have encountered in your English composition classes:

Introduction – overview of the topic whether film, painting, sculpture or controversy

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Focus [main body] – describe and analyze the subject matter; how does creativity reveal meaning

Conclusions – evaluation; will it stand your test of time?

What Sculpture Reveals

Select a personal possession you would consider your favorite piece of three-dimensional art. Is the piece figurative, abstract or non-representational. From what material[s] was the sculpture made and how was it constructed? Do the surface values offer qualities other than just touch [tactile]?

Describe the sculpture in terms of aesthetic qualities discussed in class and The Humanities through the Arts – touch; perceived movement [or actual movement]; open or closed form; scale, size and proportion; design and style; and other unique qualities that make the art appealing to you. Which of these qualities gives the work its unique character?

What is it [denotation] and why is it significant [connotation]? What is the function of the piece? Do you relate to the sculpture more for its functionality, symbolism or beauty? What are your criteria for determining what excellent or meaningful sculptural art is?

Why is this three-dimensional work of art significant to you?