Principles of Management Four Functions of Management as They Relate to Theoretical Perspectives

Four Functions of Management as They Relate to Theoretical Perspectives

Management theory has been evolving for decades. Among the great management theorists are F. W. Taylor, Max Weber, Mary Parker Follett, and Douglas McGregor. The theories and assessments made by these theorists have altered many perspectives on the four management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

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You are charged with writing a report on the four management functions from the perspective of these theorists. Compose a report of 1050 to 1200 words, evaluating the four functions of management from the theorists’ points of view and critiquing what skills are necessary to apply each of the functions. Support your position with credible academic sources properly cited in APA format.

The document is proofread and revised. Thus, there are no grammar and structure errors. Specifically, the composition must be free of vague pronouns, tense shifts, and rambling.

The writing style, tone, and focus are professional, whereby the opening paragraph has a clearly defined statement of purpose. The submission contains no author bias or personalization; that is, the report is written in the objective third person.

Quotations and paraphrased ideas are given full credit, both in text and in a reference list, using APA format.

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