prezi/current event soc 405 Social Deviance

It is important that you not only master the content knowledge from this course, but also learn to relate this course to everyday life. Many of the articles that you will research will be topics discussed or mentioned in class, but they might dive deeper into that subject than we may have time for in class.

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1. Your articles must relate to a subject in the class text.

2. You will select 3 articles that are at least 6 paragraphs.

3. For your analysis/ reaction you must use complete sentences and proper grammar and punctuation. This is a formal writing assignment (A paragraph is at least 5 sentences!)

4. Articles should be no older than 3 months from today.

5. Use a valid news source! If you are not sure if your source is acceptable please ask me before you complete and submit the assignment. You may use Newspapers, Magazines, or Internet news sites. (Do NOT use Wikipedia or other random Google results!)

6. Attach a copy of your article.

Your current event assignment must follow the format below…

Article Title:

-Summary Paragraph: Without copying verbatim from the article describe what the article is about. You should use your own words.

Please do not plagiarize.

-Type of Sociology Paragraph: (25 points)

a. Identify at least 3 sociological concepts from the textbook that the article relates to; explain how and why. Include key vocabulary terms used in the article that we have discussed in class or relate to the course.

b. Make sure you identify the deviant behavior /social control.

c. Use your own words to describe why this behavior or control impacts our society

d. Please identify the theory of social deviance that you believe applies to the article explain why you think so.

-Reaction Paragraph: (25 points)

a. This paragraph should tell us what you thought about the article.

You will answer these questions in your reaction:

How did this article affect you?

In your opinion what should be done about this issue?