Presenting the Results of Your Scholar-Practitioner Project

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Presenting the Results of Your Scholar-Practitioner Project

You have been learning about the potential challenges and opportunities of working with secondary data. By now, you have identified, addressed challenges, and produced meaningful and actionable information from the chosen dataset.

For this Discussion, you will create a presentation of the results from your Scholar-Practitioner Project, and you will evaluate the presentations of your colleagues.

To prepare:

  • Create a PowerPoint presentation of your Scholar-Practitioner Project. Make sure to include at least the following in your presentation:
    • Title slide
    • Research topic and background
    • Research question
    • Research methodology
    • Research design
    • Data analysis plan (variables and statistical procedures)
    • Data dictionary and data table
    • Results and interpretation
    • Implications for social change
  • Add audio and/or Notes to your PowerPoint presentation to provide necessary information and analysis to your slides.

By Day 4

Post your presentation to the Discussion forum.

Support your post with additional scholarly resources. Use APA formatting and cite your resources.