PPT and presentation draft edit based on the article

I am going to have a presentation. And I am already did the PPT and Presentation draft which I am going to read in the presentation. The article is

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I want you help me edit the PPT and presentation draft will be much better to use.

I sent the draft to the professor and the professor command is:

For the Final Presentation, please review the Sample Presentations on our Blackboard home page, and our Syllabus instructions, to make sure you include everything required, and make any needed additions.

For example, add to the Definition slide the law concerning Trademarks from our textbook. Include in your Works Cited slide the textbook, and the pages in the textbook where Trademark law appears.

I will upload the textbook screenshoot about the trademark and the sample of another ppt example but different topics, and the ppt and presentation what I did.

First two is ppt you need help me to edit.

And then is the sample of the ppt from the professor. Then is the screenshoot of the ebook about the trademark you might be use.