Powerpoint 12 slides

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presentation assignment has several goals. It requires students to apply concepts
from Corporate Structure and legal issues, Medical Staff organization and
Physician Liability. The process to identified and review cases focused on the
legal risk for nurses it is a great skill they will be using as Healthcare
Administrator. In addition, the student will be able to identify a variety of
negligent errors by allied health professionals. .

The Presentation should have a minimum of 12
slides, including Title Page, Introduction, Conclusion, and References.

Title Page: Topic Name, Student  Name

Introduction: Provide a brief synopsis
of the meaning (not a description) of the topic you choose, in your own words

Content Body: Progress your theme,
provide Material, illustrations and Diagram to explain, describe and clarify the
Topic you choose.

Conclusion: Briefly summarize your
thoughts & conclusion to your critique of the articles and Chapter you

References: The student must use other
textbooks, research papers, and articles as references (minimum 3).