power point needed for nature conservancy and national georgraphic society water footprint

You will be writing a complete speech and including a series of 7-10 PowerPoint slides that address the questions under consideration from a scientific perspective. The questions should allow you to reflect on how the topics of this module relate to your life. The speech will be written in the speaker’s notes section of each corresponding PowerPoint slide. You will also incorporate limited text on the slides themselves, as well as graphics (and/or animations) to enhance the presentation. Ask your instructor about topics you are not sure about. Engagement in the Discussion Board will also help you find further information to support your understanding of the material for inclusion in the presentation. Keep in mind that none of the specific wording in your final presentation can be used in the Engagement posts.

APA formatting will be used for citations in the written work. Graphics also need to be cited. No answer may have more than 10% quoted material, so paraphrase the information instead to demonstrate your understanding. *Note: The template and rubric have some additional guidelines and information for formatting your PowerPoint.

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Answer the following questions in this module’s presentation:

  1. Go to the Nature Conservancy website: http://water.nature.org/waterblueprint/#/section=o… (Links to an external site.)
    1. On the website, either find your city (or a nearby city) on the map or type it in the textbox in the upper right corner of the page. – – – – Closest City is Lansing, Mi
    2. Describe the water source(s) of your area. If the data are not available for your city, then search for a larger nearby city.
    3. Describe any water supply risks. If there are no water supply risks, then explain why you think there are no risks.
    4. Describe any watershed conservation solutions. If there are none, then explain why you think there are no posted solutions and how it may be impacting the area.
  2. Go to the National Geographic Society water footprint website: http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environm… (Links to an external site.)
    1. Take the water footprint quiz. – – – –This has been included
    2. Describe your water footprint quiz results.
    3. Do you think the results accurately represent your use of water? Explain your reasoning.
    4. List two ways in which your own actions contribute to water pollution.
    5. List two ways that you could reduce your contribution toward water pollution.
  3. Develop a conclusion slide that summarizes your main points in this presentation as well as any impact or changes that you have in your actions or thinking as a result of the readings, discussion, and this assignment.

The Rubric has been included as well as a Power Point template that will need to be updated to include the requested information