Power Point 5

To: New Consulting Team Member

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From: CEO
Re: presentation #4

Great to see you are finally getting the hang of this – hope you are ready for our next presentation. This client is a medium sized manufacturer and sells products worldwide. The client has explained that recently the company’s management team determined their employee training and development needs to be revamped to stay competitive in the world market. The client would like you to examine the two best and the one weakest form of employee training and development that best support their managers. They are looking to become a high performance organization and want you to explain the two best and weakest forms of employee development They even provided you with a list of their top 7 ideas. So evaluate and compare the three types of training and development methods (two best one weakest). Then you are to make a recommendation and justify your recommendation. Remember this organization wants high performance.

After meeting several times, the task force has come to a complete standstill because of the following issues. In case you were wondering, you were chosen this time because you ate all of the communal cookies in the break area and leaving none for your team mates, so don’t let us down. I am counting on you to provide solutions to our client’s issues.


Create a PowerPoint of 5-7 slides not including title slide and reference slide. Include a visual presentation of your PowerPoint (include 2 to 5 related photo or graphical images in your presentation).

Identify a specific organization (briefly describe the company on the first slide after title slide) and choose three items to illustrate the two best and the weakest form of employee training and development from the following list:

  1. On-the job Training
  2. Job-rotation
  3. Computer-based training
  4. Special assignments and teams
  5. Coaching
  6. Classroom
  7. External training

Detailed Additional Instructions:

1. Evaluate and compare the three types of training and development methods (two best one weakest), and make a recommendation

2. Apply critical thinking and the learning from the major objectives of this week’s material.

3. Formal writing and all APA norms are required.

4. You should include two quality sources to support your ideas. Paraphrase from one and provide a quotation from the other. APA citation and reference rules will be important.

5. Power point of 5-7 slides excluding the title page and references.

Attached is the course power points from this week’s material if more info is needed.