popular american culture discussion


Luther Campbell “Stale White Bitches Tried to Take Us Down”: https://bit.ly/2wnwygI

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Williams “Beyond Racism and Misogyny”: https://bit.ly/2rud3NW

Discussion Prompts:

1. In your own words, explain Crenshaw’s “intersectional framework,” which she first

identifies on page 247.

2. In your own words, explain what Campbell means by “the legal war on hip-hop.”

3. Campbell writes as a black man and Crenshaw as a black woman. Campbell writes: “2

Live Crew had done the one thing you’re never supposed to do. We were black men

coming across the color line talking about sex. We were black men in the company of

whites, and we’d forgotten to lower our heads and shuffle away.” Please quote from

Crenshaw to show me what Crenshaw believes black women are expected or “supposed”

to do when faced with misogyny from black men, as opposed to what she argues black

women should do to challenge those expectations.