Polygraph and lie detector Questions

1.The term “reliability” means something very distinct in the world of the polygraph.
Without giving a definition, explain what this term means for legality? For consistency? ..For ..”Expert” testimony?

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2.Cite one countermeasure. Why does this countermeasure work? Not work? Be specific and supply substantiation for your stance.

3.What is the term “Bogus Pipeline”? What is it and is it real?
State your supporting details.

4.Provide Endogenous factors that could threaten the validity of a polygraph.
Be specific and explain each.

5.Explain in detail and with substance what and how the CVSA measures stress? What does it mean and how is it interpreted?

1-2 paragraph answers with in text citations Please use references below


Alder, K. (2009). The lie detectors: The history of an American obsession. Lincoln, NE: Univ. of Nebraska Press.

Fienberg, S. (2003). The polygraph and lie detection. National Academies Press. Washington, D.C.