Political writing 02

In 2-3 pages at least, 650 words count you will answer TWO!!!!! of the following prompts:

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  • We observe both global (GATT/WTO) and regional (NAFTA, Mercosur) trade institutions. Describe these institutions. Identify the underlying problems that these institutions address. What are some of the mechanisms they use to confront these problems? Be specific.
  • What is an externality? Why do many environmental issues have externalities associated with them? How do externalities affect governments’ ability to cooperate to protect the environment? Discuss two factors that make it easier for governments to cooperate to overcome their collective-action problems regarding the environment, and provide an example of an issue where each of these factors was observed.
  • What is a transnational advocacy network (TAN)? How can TANs cause change in government policies in spite of their lack of material resources? In the area of human rights, provide an example of an affective TAN and discuss how it achieved its results.