political science american government opinion paper

POS2041 American National Government

Opinion Paper Instructions

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Students will be asked to prepare one opinion editorial (OpEd) of at least 600 words. In the op-ed, a student should take a position on one of the controversial questions or issues in comparative politics and present a focused argument that has a clear thesis statement (the introductory paragraph of should specify what the controversy/issue is and present a driving argument which will be fleshed out, substantiated and defended throughout the remainder of the op-ed). The best op-eds are those that present a tight and persuasive position on the given topic based in evidence. It is important not to ignore contending arguments, but rather engage them directly. Clarity and style of writing are also important: the op-ed should be engaging and articulate, with correct grammar and spelling. This should cite reputable scholarly and media sources. Make sure you predominantly use your own words, cite everything you use in APA format – provide in-paragraph citations in your paper (New York Times, 2015), and provide a reference list at the end of the paper with all of your sources (I would suggest a using an online citation machine to help, like this one). A grading rubric is posted below.

Possible topics are included below, but students are welcome to address other controversial issues, just email me with your suggestions beforehand. Some of these issues will be covered later in the course, so I would suggest reading ahead if you would like to address them.

  1. Is democracy possible without economic growth?
  2. Should democratic ideals be sacrificed for economic growth?
  3. Can democratic institutions overcome communal, ethnic, and religious divides?
  4. Can democratic institutions overcome a patriarchal society?
  5. Do nationalist politics enable leaders to make difficult, but necessary, changes within democracies?
  6. Are Islam and democracy compatible?

Tutor Choses topic they are comfortable with.