Please watch the video and answer the following questions.

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  1. How do you see the relationship between struggle and learning? Be sure to describe your reasoning.


    1. Describe a time that something didn’t come easily to you, but you practiced and you were able to become proficient. This could be a hobby, academic topic, etc.

      QUESTION 3

      1. What specific suggestions did the speaker have for improving your brain’s neuroplasticity? How can you apply the speaker’s suggestions within the context of your engineering courses?

        QUESTION 4

        1. You are likely going to experience lots of frustration as you learn to code. How does process of writing and debugging code connect to the ideas the speaker mentioned about neuroplasticity? How can you be sure to learn from the process of debugging?

          QUESTION 5

          1. You will work in teams where people have different strengths. What are your strengths as it applies to writing and debugging code? What would like your team members to bring to the project that would complement your approach(es)? How can you apply the concepts of neuroplasticity to being an effective team member?

            QUESTION 6

            1. What did you learn from this assignment?

              QUESTION 7

              1. Think about interacting with other engineering students, especially those who are different from you. How can you apply what you learned to your interactions?

                QUESTION 8

                1. Did what you learned in this assignment change your views on the roles and responsibilities of engineers? If so, how?