please answer with reference

Question 1

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:a) How important is the corporate image of a company which deals with the consumer public? Why do we maintain a public relations department in our firm or deal with outside consultants who handle public relations? What are some specific examples where a company had to engage in damage control (Tylenol, BP, General Motors. etc.)?

b) Should the Government have intervened to aid homeowners who suffered during the housing meltdown or should they be held accountable for their own actions? What about the Government bailout of companies like General Motors?

c) What should be the role of the US Supreme Court and how should the Justices decide cases? Has the Supreme Court become too politicized?

Question 2

Jurisdiction: How to Best Satisfy the Due Process Requirements


Please research the manner in which jurisdiction can be obtained over an individual, corporation, etc in such a manner that the Constitutional requirements of due process are met

Question 3

Jurisdiction: Federal Court or State Court


Please research whether or not a case will be heard in a Federal Court or a State Court.