Please answer these Architecture questions

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  Questions (3 paragraphs – intro, body, conclusion) one page each questions. 

1. A recurring theme in HDE11 has been the evolution of building types. Building types have been altered and adapted for a variety of reasons by different religious, political and cultural groups. Select ONE example of an adapted building type and discuss what changes, alterations, and continuities are seen in its evolution. 

2. How have the cultures we’ve studied organized urban spaces with civic and sacred institutions? Select TWO cities from different geographic regions and compare them in terms of their planning. What is expressed symbolically, architecturally and socially? 

3. Compare and contrast a landscape design from Asia and Europe (select TWO landscapes, one from each geographic region). What role did these landscapes play in the different cultures? What influenced their design? Be sure to explore issues of politics, religion and symbolism in your response. 

4. A recurring theme in HDE11 has been the dissemination or spread of stylistic tendencies. Wonderful examples of this are seen with the 19th century’s Historic Revivals. Select ONE example of a style and discuss what changes, alterations, and continuities are seen in its evolution. (You will want to have at least 2-3 exemplar structures as examples of how the style evolved.) 

5. In our recent lectures and readings, we’ve seen specific examples of how architecture is considered within a larger political agenda. In your essay, discuss how the process and product of design can be leveraged to make political points. (Ideas related to industrialization, alienation, etc., will factor into your discussion.) 

6. We’ve seen a more systematized approach to design education and practice emerge in
recent weeks. Select two different pedagogical approaches – for example, l’Ecole des
Beaux Arts, Arts & Crafts Guilds, Union of Austrian Artists (Viennese Secession) – and
describe and compare their objectives and outcomes.