please answer the question

Part 1

Upload your answer as doc. or docx file.

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Answer from your textbook, Chapter 4

– Assignment 1, p.138
– Assignment 2, p.138
– Assignment 9, p.139
– Assignment 10, p.139

The above tests your research skill. Watching this research lecture for your “activity” will help you with the assignment.…

Part 2

You also must practice your problem-solving skills. The below tests your ability to utilize your problem-solving skills to locate the resources.

I am testing that you found the correct website. So for each, you must take a screen shot of the answer. Cutting and pasting the answer will not earn points, as it doesn’t show you located the correct website.

Answer from your textbook, Chapter 4

– Assignment 11, p.140

-Assignment 15, p. 140

– Assignment: Research the California Rules of Court that answers whether you are allowed to cite unpublished cases. Hint, it would be in the “Appellate Rules.” You were taught how to research Rules of Court earlier in the semester.…

Make sure to label your answer clearly so I know when you are answering each question.

There is no minimum or maximum length for your answer. Each answer shouldn’t take more than a few sentences each. But to earn points, it must be fully and meaningfully answered. Failure to answer each sub-part of the question will not earn points for the whole question. Also, the answer should be a written grammatically correct answer.