pick one of the articles and write a response to it.

security personnel need to not only know what actions we need to
implement, we need to understand why we need to take them and well as
the any related background topics – we also need to be aware of current
events as they relate to Cybersecurity

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Your assignment is to pick one of the articles and write a response to it. This is not
a major writing assignment. It doesn’t have to be long – a page should
suffice. It should have a short summary of the article as well as what
you take away from it. It should be written so that someone who has
not read the article would understand what it was about and what your
perspective is on the subject.

sure I don’t have to mention it, but I would be remiss if I didn’t: As
with every assignment I will give, do not cut and paste information
from other sources – I always want your view and your words. If you quote the article (or any other source) – especially if it is a direct quote – ensure you cite it properly.

New Version Of Dridex Banking Trojan Uses ‘AtomBombing’ To Infect Systems

Lawmakers set to overturn broadband privacy rules, as ISPs requested
(this one is a little trickier since it is a short article: you need
to explain what the broadband privacy rules are and how they affect
individuals and businesses and why this is good or bad, in your opinion)

Bad News: Your Antivirus Detection Rates Have Dramatically Declined In 12 Months

Whack-A-Mole Cyberattackers: Why The DDoS For Hire HackForums Closure Didn’t Matter

MWC: IoT security message drowned out by noise of nostalgia

Sure, you might have bought the car, but does someone else control it?