Philosophy Discussion Board 1

Before you begin this assignment, please review the DISCUSSION BOARD POSTING POLICY on the Announcement Board in the Virtual Classroom.  Here are some very important excerpts from the Discussion Board Policy below:

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I will grade your postings based on quality, quantity, and the extent of research. I encourage you to use your personal experiences as they are tied into the course material or research. You may even have backgrounds that are unique and relevant to the topic at hand. When you use personal experience in your assignment, you must back up your material or information with relevant sources. All responses should be based on an education viewpoint, showing how you rationalized your position. Answer all components of the discussion thoroughly and include at least two scholarly reference sources for each post using proper APA format.

PLEASE pay attention to the deliverable length requirement. In most cases, discussion board assignments will take approximately 3-5 paragraphs and APA format. The difference is that you only need in-text citation and reference list. Do not attach any files in the discussion forum, unless otherwise specified. Copy and paste from your word processing program or type this directly into the text box.

PLEASE NOTE: Wikis, Wikipedia, Blogs, Dictionaries, and Encyclopedias are NOT acceptable as scholarly sources. Please kindly review the list of unacceptable websites that I posted in the Learning Materials Section of the classroom for a partial listing of websites to avoid.


Using your personal experience and your understanding of the subject of happiness, please answer the following questions and discuss your understanding with other students.

  • What are some of the ways that people pursue happiness?
  • Do you believe that happiness can be obtained?
  • Have you changed your perception of happiness over the years?
  • Why do you think that people differ in their interpretations of happiness?
  • Discuss with others what you consider to be an impression of the state of happiness.