phi 103 week 4 inference to the best explanation

Inference to the Best Explanation

One of the most common inferences in life is the inference to the best explanation (sometimes called abductive reasoning). We use this type of reasoning to infer what would best explain the things that we see. Chapter 6 in our book demonstrates ways in which this type of reasoning helps us to explain the world around us.

Prepare: Review Section 6.5 of the course text on Inferences to the Best Explanation. Choose a topic that is difficult or controversial to explain. Some good topics include hoaxes, unusual sightings (e.g. UFOs, Bigfoot, etc.), the supernatural or paranormal (ghosts, levitation, etc.), conspiracy theories, unsolved crimes, court cases, etc.

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Reflect: Do a little research to find a specific topic and learn about explanations on both sides. Consider what you think might best explain the observed facts of the case.

Write: You will need to compose three standard-from arguments for this DB.

  • Explain the topic you chose and why it is interesting or controversial.
  • Present good standard-form arguments on more than one side of the issue (e.g. competing explanations of the facts). Make sure you compose a strong inductive argument with at least 2-3 premises for both sides.
  • Analyze both arguments that you have presented.
  • Then present your own standard-form argument for your theory that you feel will best explain this phenomenon. Are there any holes in your theory? Is there any information that would be likely to strengthen or weaken your case?

Course Text book is:

With Good Reason: A Guide to Critical Thinking