Persuasive Argumentation

The dominant rhetorical strategy for your paper is persuasive argumentation. However in putting together the paper, you should also naturally incorporate compare/contrast and descriptive strategies. The final draft should be approximately 5-7 pages, double-spaced, presented in MLA documentation (Works Cited page and in-text citations) with integrated information from at least 3 sources. No first person voice (“I”) should be used in the writing.

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Assignment: Write a paper that comprehensively explains differing viewpoints regarding a current controversy and persuasively argues in support of one of the views.


  • Should racial profiling be a legitimate law-enforcement policy?
  • Should Affirmative Action for state university enrollment be continued?
  • Should the primary method of public school funding – property taxes in individual school districts – be amended to create more fairness in schools?
  • Should high school history classes and social studies curriculum be changed to reflect diversity and multicultural perspectives?
  • Should hate groups have the right to distribute literature on university campuses?
  • Should the United States have more secure borders?
  • Should ESL students be taught in their native language?

Gender and Sexuality

  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Is there true salary disparitiy between men and women?

Media / Sports / Entertainment

  • Does violence in the media contribute to violence in society?
  • Should professional athletes continue to be allowed in the Olympics?

Criminal Justice

  • Should children who commit certain crimes be treated as adults?
  • What kinds of rights should criminals have?
  • Should prison be punitive or rehabilitative in nature?
  • What conditions of interrogation should be acceptable for suspected terrorists?


  • What should constitute acceptable “prayer” or moments of silence in public schools?
  • Should religious phrases be removed from American money?
  • Should strict faith-based healing be allowed?


  • Should school lunches be regulated?
  • What rights should people loose when they are on public school property?
  • Is teaching tenure a good practice?
  • Should GPA standards for athletes be more rigidly enforced?
  • Should product advertising be permitted in public schools?