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Can you reply a list 100 words for this Discussion. Is for the same class you’re doing my discussions.

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I believe it is important that personality theories are developed
systematically because these theories need a systematic way to them. We
need to make sure we have a guideline that the theorists follow that
lead them to these theories. If we didn’t have a guideline, it would be
incorrect and could turn out to be a big disaster. For me, the goal that
is very important for a personality theorist to achieve is goal number
three. This goal states, “Theory that is testable” and that is extremely
important. Just because you come up with a theory, doesn’t mean it’s
going to work. That’s why finding a theory that you can test is very
important because then you will have concrete evidence if your theory
ends up being correct or incorrect. Then you can go from there when you
have your evidence. Lastly, personality theorists have a special
challenge when it comes to other peoples personalities. You have to take
into consideration that the theorist has a personality of their own.
They may be more inclined to stick with people who have their type or
personality and may find it hard to mix with other people with different
personalities. Personalities are very tricky and that is the main
challenge that they have to face.