peer review essay

Working in teams is a requirement of everyday business practices, as future professionals it critical that you experience the opportunities and challenges of working with your peers. You will be required to submit a peer- evaluation essay that will clearly describe your feedbackworking with you colleagues. In your submission please include the following:

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üDescribe your experiences to date and working in groups.

üHow did your group approach your presentation and writing your paper?

o What steps did you take to develop plan?

üWhat was your overall contribution?

üNumber of meeting sessions your group had (phone, in-person, blackboard, Skype etc.)

üYour evaluation of each group member’s participation.

o Rate each group members overall effort (Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, Poor) for each rating explain why you selected this rating for your group member.

üWhat things could you all have done differently?

üWhat were the strengths of your group?

üWhat did you learn about group dynamics?

üWho was the major contributor and why?

üRate your own contribution to the group and explain why.