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Q: Discuss the implications of Du Bois’ descriptions and analyses of the historical intersection of ‘race’ and ‘class’ in U.S. society (and beyond) for the current situation in U.S. society. Are the increased presence (and visibility, even celebration) of non-White (non-heterosexual, non-Protestant Christian) people in the middle and upper echelons of the various institution of economic, political and socio-culture power and influence, and the perennial presence (and new visibility) of White (heterosexual, Protestant Christian) people in the lower echelons of the same institutions, a sign or ‘proof’ that race is of decreasing significance in determining the life-chances and well-being of people in our society? Discuss

some things he mentioned in class:

“do additional research for data as to the current state of residential segregation (deliberate/voluntary or otherwise) by race in the United States? residential segregation by race as does exist today is less strictly and unequivocally/officially based on race than it was at the time Du Bois lived and wrote. That would be fair and for the most part accurate.

“So, you’re claiming that workplaces are less characterized by racist prejudice and discrimination (and “social class difference”, whatever that means) than other institutions and domains of social existence, right? And the explanation for that, you claim, is that workplaces have (voluntarily?) installed policies and mechanisms specifically to limit, avoid and eliminate racism, right?”

“In general? What are you getting at when you write “Racism and differences in social status”? Differences in social status among or between whom and on what basis