Part of The Alchemist make it to a small presentation

Change this scene to a small presentation for about 5 min. 

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The men climbed the hill, and they were tired when they reached the top. But there they saw a crystal
shop that offered refreshing mint tea. They went in to drink the tea, which was served in beautiful
crystal glasses.

“My wife never thought of this,” said one, and he bought some crystal—he was entertaining guests
that night, and the guests would be impressed by the beauty of the glassware. The other man remarked
that tea was always more delicious when it was served in crystal, because the aroma was retained. The
third said that it was a tradition in the Orient to use crystal glasses for tea because it had magical

Before long, the news spread, and a great many people began to climb the hill to see the shop that was
doing something new in a trade that was so old. Other shops were opened that served tea in crystal,
but they weren’t at the top of a hill, and they had little business.

Eventually, the merchant had to hire two more employees. He began to import enormous quantities of
tea, along with his crystal, and his shop was sought out by men and women with a thirst for things

And, in that way, the months passed. 

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