Part 1: Proposing Topic for Approval

Part 1: Proposing Topic for Approval (50 points):

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Your specific topic must be approved by your instructor. You cannot submit any subsequent assignments without submitting a topic proposal and getting approval from your instructor.

Your topic proposal will address the following questions:

  • What are you proposing?
  • To whom are you proposing it?
  • What need does the proposal address?
  • What are other companies/organizations/schools doing?

Students are encouraged to choose from the following topics:

  • Propose an internship program to an existing company
  • If you are already in an internship, identify a problem at your company & propose a solution
  • Propose a new student service not already offered at Temple
    • For example, we now have Cherry Pantry to give students that need it access to healthy food
  • Propose a conference for the Fox School to host
  • Propose a new LLC (Living Learning Community) for a Temple residence hall
  • Propose a student-run business (like STHM & the Saxby’s in Speakman Hall)
  • Propose a service-learning project for one of the majors within Fox
  • Propose a student-run sustainability program for campus
  • Propose a post-college life skills seminar (different from the services that CSPD already provides) – this could be a one-credit course or a special badge on Suitable

Format Requirements:

  • No more than one page.
  • Use 1-inch margins and 11 or 12-point font.
  • Feel free to use brevity tools like bulleted lists.