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In this assignment we should write about about project 1 and 2 and teamwork then write about the 5 events that we attended. THIIS IS MY CLASSMATE PAPER SO PLEASE READ THE PAPER AND PUT IT IN YOUR OWN WORDS.. It is a reflection essay and should be 5 pages. you can write about 1 and half pages or 2 pages about the project 1 and project 2 and teamwork. the other pages if u want can be on the 5 events.

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this event was a 4 students sitting in front and each one was talking about him major in engineering and how they developed their work and passed many hard classes. they spoke about how to study well and so on as an engineering student.

I will copy the work over here in the bottom


Engineering 100 Reflective Essay

Engineering 100 is an application of knowledge. It is a main needed career in all over the world. Being an engineering 101 student helped me in a few different ways. In this course I had to build two projects and work with different people throughout the semester. The experience that 

I had in project one was a huge step for me, since it was my first time working with a group of foreign. Which helped me in developing both of my communication skills and my english, since I had to speak english all the time. The group was leaded by a professional leader which is really helpful and kind, and which I have leaned a lot from. Between preparing the project and building it the group only faced one problem which was that the project didn’t succeed from the first trial. We had some issues with building the vehicle’s axle, but we gave extra time and worked on improving the project and solving the problem with some changes until the retesting succeeded. I gained too many information in this project, like time management and solving engineers problems by following professional methods. In addition to communicating with people from different nationalities. In my opinion, my experience in project two was better than the first one in many fields, There was an ease in communication with the group members, since all members have the same first language. That was one reason that helped the group members with sharing their ideas and expressing their opinions briefly, without feeling that they need to think about it twice because the will be judged. Moreover, all members were friends before the projects, which helped in removing the barriers. Although communication between members in project two was easier and better than project one, t, In the previous project we felt more judged and the need to be formal all the time, we faced one small problem with the writing since we weren’t native speakers, the writing

weren’t as good as the first project. The work dynamics between project one and two are: I have learned time management, dealing with different nationalities regarding their language, cultural background or race and Team work.

In engineering, teamwork is always important and better than individual work regardless of the major. It enables a group of engineers to identify a problem, brainstorm through all available solutions, and agree on the best opinion to solve such a problem. It also gathers different ideas, helps to improve self thinking, learn to listen to other opinions, feel freely to speak your mind in a polite manner. As I mentioned earlier that team work is always better than individual work. Because although a single engineer can still arrive at the best solution, teamwork and collaborations make it more effective and efficient.

Engineering as a discipline is concerned with using mathematical concepts to solve real- world problems. Engineers are driving the world we live right now. The first and most useful out- class event that I attended to was become an engineer by the dean of the engineering department Dr. David. Dr. David started his speech by talking about his experiences that he went through during his engineering journey. He also gave a long speech about engineering in all its fields. As explained by the dean, engineering is not that hard but it can be difficult for many students. According to him, students should choose their engineering major depending on what interests them and how they will want to use the knowledge gained to improve our society. Although it is critical for students to choose an engineering major that has potential opportunities in the future, it is also imperative that students select an engineering major that they have many interests in. Engineers used their mathematical knowledge and science skills to solve real-world problems, so they should have a really good foundation and knowledge before choosing their field in engineering. For one to become an engineer, they must have background knowledge in both math and science. Apparently, most of these subjects are thought in high school including algebra, calculus, geometry, physics, and trigonometry. However, for one to be successful in engineering, they must have other soft skills

such as problem solving. As explained earlier, engineering is about solving real-world problems. Having this skill together with background knowledge in sciences and maths can really mold someone into becoming a better engineer. The benefits of becoming an engineer are numerous. First, the current society we live in demands a lot from engineering. Modern houses also known as smart homes are needed, modern roads that help reduce accidents and jams are needed along with other societal needs. As such, engineering as a major will be a fertile opportunity for students to earn and land in leading companies who pay very well. They will be able to design, create and implement solutions that society can use to improve there lives. Secondly, engineering helps one to solve problems at a personal level. If there are simple tasks that one has to do every day. Such tasks can be automated using engineering knowledge hence making work easier and improving quality of life. Engineering enables one to be creative and apply their creativity in solving real-world problems. Lastly, engineers make the world a better place for everyone. Engineers use their knowledge to improve the environment we live in and its surroundings. Through their knowledge, water resources can be conserved. Waste management is a critical activity especially in modern world where almost everything has been developed using polymers. With engineers, waste management can be controlled using sustainable methods.

The second event was Well-being as Value of Fulfilment by Valerie Tiberius. Human well- being is determined by their values and how they translate those values over time. As explained in fulfilment theory, a person’s happiness is determined by their attitude towards the things they want in life rather than the nature of those things they want. While trying to make someone happy, it is important to understand life from his or her perspective. That is understand what he/she wants, what he/she feels is right and how he/she will want to solve a given problem. Tracking these aspects helps in providing the best to a society and improving quality of life. Well-being as a value for fulfilment is very important to public health. It helps in the integration of physical and mental health resulting in more efficient way of providing health. Health promotions are the processes of enabling

and educating people to improve their healthy life. As illustrated in fulfilment theory, well-being is not only about being free from diseases but also achieving our desires and being satisfied with life. A number of experimental studies have found the association among well-being health behaviours, longevity, social connectedness, and productivity. This means that people who are happy and satisfied with life are more productive and healthy than those who are not happy and satisfied with life. Well –being provide a common metric that can be used by policymakers to improve services to a society.There are individual, social, and environmental resources for well-being. Individual resources include social closeness, positive attitudes towards a goal and physical exercises to burn fats and reduce cholesterol in our bodies. Social and environmental factors include peace among communities and nations, economic stability and better housing amenities.

In universities and colleges, students must demonstrate their understanding of the courses through research programs. Research is the ability to identify a problem, use scholarly sources to attempt, and provide solutions or recommendations. The third event that I attended to was Introduction to the Research Repository at WVU. WVU provides a research repository where previous research is stored and can be retrieved by any authorized persons. The purpose of research repositories in universities is to help in the collection and preservation of researches done by students and other members of a university. Through research repositories, students can collaborate with each other hence improving their performances and learning processes. Students can also collaborate with their instructors and supervisors regarding a given subject. The collaboration between information technology group, the administration, and libraries led to the success of the research repository at WVU. Students or lecturers can easily use the application to deposit internally generated researches for others to access. The repository is only accessible via the web. The research repository includes portals for undergraduate, postgraduate, and administrative research collections.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory was the last event that I attended. JPL is a research program funded and managed by NASA. Its primary functions are operations of robotic spacecraft and management of NASA Deep Space Network. Within JPL, there are educators and education officers who mentor and guide students who have developed interests in NASA missions and sciences. They do this by offering internship opportunities to students every year. Their main aim is to introduce students to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers. NASA adopts students who perform well for further training and boot camp programs.

In conclusion, throughout this course I have faced so many circumstances and managed to solve them like any engineer would do. The chances that I had gave me a good opportunity to learn and gain experience, whether from working on the projects or attending the Out Of Class Events. In my opinion, the first event ( Becoming An Engineer ) was the most helpful event, listening to the dean talking about his life experiences and journeys aspired me to become a successful engineer. As for the second event (Well-Being As Value Fulfilment) helped me to increase my ability to communicate with people and live happily. In addition to the third and fourth event, which taught me how important researches are. Moreover, this opportunity I got to attend these events helped me a lot to improve myself in a good way and become a better person. As well as working in two different teams with engineers helped me increase my productivity and performance. Each mistake and pressure that I went through during these two projects taught me that the freedom that comes after facing any problem can make me stronger and a better person. In future, I hope I could achieve my goals and ambitions and become a successful engineer that help the society and the environment and be proud of myself.