Organizational Environment Assessment and Strategic Issue Identification, assignment help

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Study Guide/Lecture for Unit 4 Strategic Planning

The topic for Unit 4 is:

Organizational Environment Assessment and Strategic Issue

Objectives for Unit 4 is:

5. Conduct a SWOT analysis to help clarify agency mission
and goals.

7. Discuss strategies for overcoming barriers in strategic
planning related to institutional and structural problems.

I have not started this Unit, so I am giving you the chapters to review and write up the lecture.

Chapter 5 & 6

Need 1500 words lecture/study on the material, it must have
the following below.

  • Provide a written unit
    lesson below using your knowledge and experience to amplify and expand
    upon the information presented in the reading assignments.
  • Consider inserting
    examples and anecdotes that apply to the concepts to keep the students’
    interest. How can you make the material valuable?
  • The lesson should be
    10-pt. Arial, single-spaced, and at least two pages in length, 1500 words.