Organizational Culture and Ethical Leadership Discussion

Organizational Culture and Ethical Leadership Discussion

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Leaders face the challenge of responsibility on a day to day basis. Ethical leaders have to be responsible for their behavior and the behavior of their team members. Modeling ethical conduct at all times and operating by the same standards as team members are very important aspects of ethical leadership.

We also know that organizational leaders often try to create specific cultures in their workplace. Leaders communicate organizational culture through different ways, including what they pay attention to, their actions as role models, and their reactions to major events and crises.

Watch the following video about the former CEO of Japan Airlines and discuss your view on the effectiveness of his efforts in terms of ethical leadership and how what you saw here relates to what your text talks about in Chapter 7, especially the concepts of referent power and maintaining optimal levels of cohesiveness.

Your responses need to add value to the discussion

When using ideas or theories or definitions from your textbook in your posts, cite the textbook using MLA style. Here is one example of correct formatting: According to Communicating At Work, words words words words words words words words (Adler 65).