operating system hw3


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The student will describe the requirements for an ideal system based on specifications given.

Tool for measurement:

At minimum, the student will write a two-page paper discussing the OS File System design requirements based on the
strategies provided from our discussions and the book. The student should provide reasoning behind their design choices
as well as the costs and benefits of using that design.

Paper Formatting Guidelines:

• 11 pt font

• 1” margins

• Acceptable Fonts: Helvetica, Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman, or Cambria

• Single spacing

System’s usage for choosing your design:

The company will be using your OS for many different business operations; running as their main data hosting system that
all documents/databases/user-data will be housed on. Users will have CRUD access to this file system (Create-ReadUpdate-Delete).
Much of the data stored will be small files of text/spreadsheets/smaller-databases. Users will collaborate
often with each other and will consistently be referencing a single document for contributing to the project. Sometimes
special access will need to be given (and restricted) to files so only certain users gain access. Some users will should be
allowed to use any amount of space to store information, while others will be limited to 100MB or less space. Data for this
company CANNOT be lost. The file system should be able to handle something happening on accident that could shut
the system off but recover where it left off. They will also need to ability to go back in time to find data that might have
been accidentally deleted in the past.