One: the sociological viewpoint toward social problems

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 Construct a 2-4 page paper that fully explores each of the following areas:

1)Citing our textbook material, explain how the sociological approach toward social problems differs from other approaches. Why are certain problems considered significant and others are not?

2)Next, choose one social problem that exists in society that you think is particularly serious, and explain it in sociological terms. This social problem should be measurable in some statistical way. (Is it increasing, and if so, how? Among which groups of people, and for how long, etc.?)

3)What might be one important way in which the social problem is currently being addressed in society? 

4)Please define and identify at least four concepts from our text relevant to your chosen social problem.

5)Analyze the way in which these concepts help us better understand the nature of the social problem you are discussing.

Don’t forget to include proper APA-style citation and reference