ol project part 3



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You already did part I & II. I HAVE ATTACHED THE DOCUMENT OF PART 1-2.

This assignment is to continue and add onto part III

Part I

  1. My Organization & Personal Leadership Examination
  2. Organization Overview: Identify and select a specific organization that you are currently employed or affiliated with (if not currently employed can select a previous employer or affiliation). Include description of the industry, history or founding background. Provide an overview of the organization’s financial health. Examine what is this organization’s standing within their industry (are they a leader, are they a new-comer, an underdog).
  3. Personal Leadership Philosophy: Articulate what is your personal leadership philosophy- identify the top two leadership theories that most resonate with you and that you strive to exemplify. Discuss how it’s an appropriate match for your organizational role you are in. Discuss if there’s any challenges in applying this style at this organization and/or in your role, are there any discrepancies or modifications that you have to make in order to be effective in this style within your workplace culture.
  4. Future Leadership Vision: Discuss at least two potential components/facets of leadership that you would like to focus on further developing in order to be better prepared for your future leadership aspirations. Examine how your personal values, beliefs, and faith shape your motivations for your leadership aspirations.
  5. Personal Conflict Style: Identify which conflict style you strive to apply to most situations. Examine if this style is appropriate within your organization given the organizational culture. Evaluate how effectively you perceive yourself to currently exemplify this style. What are your current strengths in exemplifying this style? What are current opportunities for improvement?

Part II

  1. . Leveraging Human Capital & Diversity at the Organization
  2. Human Capital Assessment: Assess the effectiveness of your organization’s Human Capital strategy. What are some strengths of the organization’s human capital? How does the organization’s Human Capital strategy compare with the competition? What are at least 3 recommendations for enhancing human capital relations within your organization.
  3. Assess the level of diversity and inclusion current in your organization. Identify one diversity & inclusion initiative that you would propose to strengthen the organization. Explain why it is needed and what would be the benefits to the organization and to Human Capital.
  4. Detail a change plan to implement this diversity initiative. Identify a specific change theory model, discuss why this model was selected over others. Detail specifically how you would apply each step of the model to effectively implement your change initiative.

Part III

  1. Strategic Assessment & Change Plan
    1. Strategic Assessment: Assess your organization’s capabilities to execute its strategy by applying the 4 step assessment model identified in the Donlon and Walmer Balanced Scorecard Report. This includes (1) defining the organization’s capabilities, (2) analysis of strategic capability gaps, (3) prioritization and identification of innovative change actions to close identified gaps, (4) establish governance & renewal (identification of resources and monitoring)
    2. Change Plan: Identify a specific change model (Kotter is recommended) and detail how you will apply and implement each step of the change model in order to effectively implement the top priority innovative change needed (as identified in the above requirement A step 3) to close the competitive gap.
    3. Ethical Considerations and Implications: Examine what are the ethical factors, implications, and or repercussions that can result from this strategy and change plan. How does your personal world view, (including personal values, beliefs, and faith) shape your strategic examination of the change and the implementation?


Critical Assignment Overview

You are developing a comprehensive Organizational Leadership Innovation Plan. Identify and select a specific organization that you are currently employed or affiliated with (if not currently employed can select a previous employer or affiliation.) TIP: YOU MUST BE INTIMITALY FAMILIAR WITH THIS ORGANIZATION AND IT MUST BE REAL, SELECTING YOUR EMPLOYER IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. This will become your “chosen” organization and the context for your ENTIRE project. -You cannot change organizations mid-course, choose wisely.

Your plan will thoroughly examine three facets:

(1) An overview of your chosen organization, and personal leadership examination, including examination of conflict styles.

(2) Assessment and Plan for leveraging the organization’s human capital, diversity and inclusion.

(3) Strategic Assessment, Change plan, and Ethical Evaluation: assessing the organization’s strategy, identifying and recommending an innovative change (to address a gap, need, or issue) that currently exists in your organization in order to make the organization more strategic and sustainable.

You will be tasked with utilizing the skill sets you have acquired from the courses you have completed in this program as well as the subsequent learning that comes from synthesizing the concepts and experience applying the concepts in real-life. Theories covered in the following courses should be applied in the analysis:

Foundations of Organizational Leadership

Conflict Resolution and Negotiations

Organizational Communication

Leadership Across Cultures

Leading Organizational Change

Practical Financial Management

Managing Human Capital

Legal, Ethical, and Public Policy Issues

Strategic Management