OBGYN Soap Notes 5

Hello follow instruction please can you use these ICD-10 Codes to make up 10 Soap notes with each of them for OBGYN patients coming up for checkup at the clinic please. Below is a sample on how to do the soap notes. Use different age and information for each soap notes

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This is the sample :

Z39.2 | Encounter for routine postpartum follow-up

14. Patient is a 33 year old female present to the clinic for postpartum follow-up. Patient had a C-section 6 weeks ago. Plan: Vital signs WNL, C-section horizontal site clean, dry and intact, open to air, vaginal exam done very minimal drainage noted but odorless, bilateral breast are slightly tender and patient stated that she is breast feeding. Patient stated that the baby is ok and has an appointment schedule to go see the pediatrician soon. Birth control discussed, signs to report and infection control management.

N39.42 | Incontinence without sensory awareness

N39.43 | Post-void dribbling

N39.44 | Nocturnal enuresis

N39.45 | Continuous leakage

N39.46 | Mixed incontinence

N39.490 | Overflow incontinence

N39.498 | Other specified urinary incontinence

N39.8 | Other specified disorders of urinary system

N39.9 | Disorder of urinary system, unspecified

O00.0 | Abdominal pregnancy