Journal Article Summary and Citation, assignment help

Write a reflective journal with the following instructions;


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1.Locate the name of a professional journal related to the area of nursing you are interested in pursuing. (Nurse Anesthetist)

2.From the professional journal you located, find one scholarly article about a topic you find interesting. You can use Academic Research Complete to help you in your search.

4.Type a one page (double spaced) summary of the article you read. In your summary, make sure and use in-text citations to avoid plagiarism.

5.At the end of the summary, type the reference to your article in correct APA style.


Make sure;

  1. Journal is professional, peer-reviewed, and from a reliable source.
  2. You clearly and succinctly summarize the article.
  3. In text citations are complete and correct. APA article citation has no errors, or minimal (italics, etc.) error noted.
  4. You follow directions, writing is clear, correct sentence structure/grammar, spelling, etc. and ideas are complete.