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“Translating Writing Skills to Oral Presentations” Please respond to the following:

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  • When writing moves from the page to the microphone (in a formal speech or even recorded on your computer), changes need to be made. Think about this shift in regard to audience and medium and then share the most important difference that a presenter must be aware of in order to be successful. Be sure to fully explain why you selected that difference in your response.
  • Find a story or book that has been turned into a movie. Next, using that story or book as your reference point, discuss why many people feel that “…the book is always better than the movie.” You will then explain how this philosphy applies to your writing and how you can overcome this bias as you write material for an oral presentation.
  • Take a moment and think about the role grammar plays in an oral presentation. Next, discuss the significant problems using poor grammar can cause for your audience. Be sure to share an example you find on YouTube that uses poor grammar and explain how you believe it impacts the video.