no specific question, please respond to the 4 posts as directed (50 words each)

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Discussion responses should be on topic, original, and contribute to the quality of the discussion by making frequent informed references to lesson material. Word count is minimum 50 words for each response post.

AB104: Personal Financial Management

Classmate Post #1

There are many social and economic factors that have increased the importance of personal financial planning today. The cost of living is continually on the rise and many employers do not take that into account when conducting annual raises. This makes it hard for those who already live paycheck to paycheck. Rental properties are also increasing. With the mix of the cost of living and rent increasing it can make it sometimes impossible to get by. Another big one is gas prices rising. When gas prices rise it becomes a domino effect. The cost of food and goods purchased to increase to cover the transportation of products. I have heard many times that you should have at least 3 months income set aside and while my family is able to keep that savings many families are not able to. Many who live paycheck to paycheck are not able to put a little aside for a rainy day. This is when many fall into debt and have financial struggles. I hate the statement that the world revolves around money, but it is so true. If you do not have the financial stability and extra savings it makes it so much harder to better yourself. It effects job opportunities, relationships, community standings and much more. Politically the government shutdown is affecting so many individuals. I worry about not only those who work hard for a paycheck they are not getting, but also those who use benefits such as WIC and SNAP. The majority of these individuals need these benefits to help them provide for their families and make ends meet. Taking things like food and formula away due to the shutdown will crush many families.


Classmate Post #2

Hello Everyone,

There are quite a few social and economic factors that have increased the importance of personal financial planning today. For instance, the personal factors would be rent, utilities, etc. While the political issues would be part of the economic factor today due to the month-long government shutdown and pending that has affected millions and could possibly hurt a lot of more people within the United States of America. Along, with inflation which according to “Vikaspedia” has a direct impact on the way we plan for long term goals. If inflation is high, we expect the cost of the goal in the distant future to be higher and we have to invest accordingly, and vice versa. (2018) Also, inflation raises the prices and interest rates but lower the profits likely causing the stock exchange to decrease.


Brittany Wells (Owens)

HS104: Pharmacology

Classmate Post #3

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics is and interesting subject when it comes to pharmaceuticals. Pharmacodynamics is what the drug does to the body and pharmacokinetics is the way that the drugs move throughout the body.

The processes that are involved in the pharmacokinetics process are absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion. Absorption is the way that a substance gets into the bloodstream through the membranes of the body. Distribution is the way a substance moves through the body in the bloodstream and passes into tissues and fluids. Metabolism is what the body does to a chemical as it passes through the body then you finally have excretion. Excretion is the way that the body eliminates a product from the body.

Pharmacodynamics can vary from person to person and drugs can have many different effects on the human body which it may not have to someone else. This is the study of how the drugs interact with the receptor sensitivity, postreceptor effects and other side effects that may occur because of use. The way that one drug has different effects of different people fascinates me and it is always funny the things that you hear on these pharmaceutical commercials.


Classmate Post #4

I did some research with this discussion question and found out Pharmacokinetics is the way the body acts on the drug once it is administered. It is the measure of the rate (kinetics) of absorption, distribution, metabolism & excretion (ADME).Clinical pharmacokinetics is the application of pharmacokinetic principles to the safe and effective therapeutic management of drugs in an individual patient. Absorption is the movement of a drug from its site of administration into the blood.Distribution is the movement of drugs throughout the body. Determined by the blood flow to the tissues, it is ability of the drug to enter the vasculature system and the ability of the drug to enter the cell if required. Metabolism is considered the the drug being broken down and altered to a more water soluble. Excretion is the removal of the substance from the body. Some drugs are either excreted out unchanged or some are excreted out as metabolites in urine or bile.

Pharmacogenomics examines how genes may explain a drug’s effectiveness and toxicity. An example of pharmacodynamics is someone studying how methadone affects a person getting over a heroin addiction.