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Research paper: You will be required to write an original paper on some aspect of crime and criminal justice policy.The instructor and student MUST agree (in writing) on the topic. The paper should range from 8 to 10 pages, with at least 15citations. My preference is that the paper be on a narrowly focused area (such the effectiveness of curfews for juveniles, or the practice of remanding juveniles to adult courts for drug offenses, etc). Papers that are over five days late, will be lowered by one letter grade. After which, papers will not be accepted. [I will also provide you with a few ideas via Black Board].

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More about the paper:I am partial to APA, but it is entirely up to you. I do recommend traditional academic sources or citations. It is important that you have a well-organized paper. A good paper should have a sound introduction that talks generally about the subject and then narrowly focuses on the topic at hand. Please provide a good roadmap for the reader in the introduction. This should be followed by a statement of the problem, if appropriate, then a literature review, followed by a section titled, implications of the literature. I also recommend a section titled conclusion or summary. In this section, you wrap things up and reserve a section that allows you to personally respond to your research paper.

You can borrow heavily from a few of the policy journals in criminology and criminal justice to complete the research paper or ….

The alternative to research paper would be to read a book titled The Autobiography of An Execution by David Dow. See instructions below for book review alternative.

Book Review: The review should be about ten pages long. You may use any format. Please do not put your name on every page, just the cover page. Further, this review should be in your own words. I am comfortable, however, with one or two VERY SHORT quotes (e.g., 2 sentences), but no more! Further, instead of trying to write about each section, you might collapse or combine sections. I am generally comfortable giving students a lot of latitude, but you should make every effort to cover as many points or observations of importance as possible. Make certain that your paper is well organized; that you have a good introduction (for the reader) and also a sound conclusion. Throughout, I am looking for evidence that you have actually read the book. In the conclusion, tell me about your reactions to the book and make an effort to talk about policy implications. In other words, what do we learn? What can we do with the information? What are cj or public policy implications, if any? The conclusion should be at least a half page. If you write over the limit that is okay, I enjoy reading. Margins should be 1/2 to 1 inch and font size should be 10 to 12. It can be single or double-spaced. Hope this helps.

Please let me know which one you are doing.