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Your entry should be approximately 500 words. This is not an essay but a Journal Entry so no need for sources, or essay format. Instead, focus on the quality of response and amount that is being said. Please do not write simple sentences and  make sure there are no grammerical errors by proofreading many times because this is a 4th year University English Journal.


For this Journal entry, reflect on how beginning and keeping a writing journal of your own, for your private use, might provide you with a means of continuing to work on your writing for academic or career purposes.

Reflect on how having some freedom to write what you want and how you want, can help you strengthen your more formal writing tasks. You might also consider how having a space/place to write about your thoughts, feelings and experiences can help you work through and understand yourself. Recall, for example, the idea that we don’t know what we think until we write of it