need to diagram a current political argument

In this 5-point assignment, you need to diagram a current political
argument (provide link or citation), present it in Standard Form, and
assess its strengths and weaknesses. The argument can be from any forum
(e.g., class, news outlet, political speech, etc.) but must be related
to politics, policy, or political ideology. Include these 3 required

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  • Introduction/citation:
    In a paragraph, briefly describe the author (credentials, authority,
    etc.), the context of the argument (is s/he responding to someone else?
    is the context partisan? etc.), and the type of argument
    (inductive/deductive). Provide a link and/or citation to the argument.
  • Standard Form:
    Diagram the argument in standard form and include key premises, related
    sub-premises, and the conclusion. (e.g., bullets for P1 (premise1); P2 ,
    and perhaps P2.1, P2.2, etc. for sub-premises; and C (conclusion)). If
    the thinker provides multiple arguments/conclusions, you can diagram
    paths to those multiple conclusions (e.g., P1, P2, C1; P1, P2, C2) or
    just analyze one of the arguments.
  • Strengths/ Weaknesses:
    Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the argument. Explicitly
    address the truth of each premise and the logical flow of ideas to the
    argument. Also, consider the source of authority and whether the
    argument was made in good or bad faith (e.g., is the thinker trying to
    ‘trick’ the listener?, is the thinker presenting their opponents’ view
    incorrectly (if applicable)?, is a definition particularly partisan or