Need this to be done Business Law

Details are attached no Plagiarism at ALL USE information from the power points

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I would like to pick Solo pripaitorship


This Business Project must be your own work. You may rely on course material only. Do not consult the Internet to complete this project, except for part II and only for the specific websites designated in part II. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE OR QUOTE FROM ANY SOURCE. You must paraphrase in your own words.Collaboration is not permitted. Use complete sentences. If you took this class before, resubmitting any part of your previous project is self-plagiarism and a violation of the Honor Code.

Your Business Project must be single-spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font. With your name, course and section, the name of your business, business form, and number of employees in the upper left corner. Please follow the format guide attached. Your Project must be no more than 800 words, but should be at least 500 words. Words over the word limit will not be graded; be c oncise in your writing.

A stapled hard-copy of your Project is due in-person on May 3, 2018 by 7:30 PM. Also, a Word version of your Project MUST be submitted to SafeAssign on Blackboard by May 3, 2018 by 7:30 PM. Submit your Word document to SafeAssign through the link in the “Business Project” tab on Blackboard. Please review the Business Project Rubric attached before completing.

Failure to submit the Project to SafeAssign on time will result in a 25-point deduction. Failure to submit a stapled hard-copy in person on May 3, 2018 by 7:30 PM will also result in a 25-point deduction. No hard copies will be accepted after May 3, 2018, at which point the Professor will grade the Project submitted to SafeAssign with a 25-point deduction. If no project is submitted to SafeAssign, then the student earns a grade of 0. Projects will NOT be accepted by email.

Extra Credit: If you submit your Project to SafeAssign by May 1, 2018 by 7:30 PM and hand in your stapled hard copy in class on May 3, 2018 by 7:30 PM, you will earn 7 extra credit points on the project.

  • Business Form (30 points)

A.Think of a business you would like to start. Assume you will rent space for your business in a strip mall or 3-story office building in Fairfax County, Virginia. Explain the type of business you would like to start (e.g., hookah bar, yoga studio, IT consulting, financial advisor, etc.).Pick a name for your business consistent with your business form.

Review the chapter 14-15 material and decide what type of business form you would like for your start-up business (general partnership, LLC, corporation, etc.).Assume you will be an owner and an employee of your business. Explain the following:

  • What business form you have selected and why.
  • What level of liability exposure does your business form create?

Sole Proprietorship because I am opening a small used car dealership and am not interested in making an organization.

The business form of my car dealership is liability for everything because the business itself is the owner.I also will be liable for all business debts.

3.Explain the legal name for you as the owner based on your business

form (Partner, Member, Shareholder, etc.).


4.As an employee, what will your role be (President, CEO, Vice

President, Manager, etc.)?


5.How many employees will you have and what will your employees


Only myself the owner/manager

6. Explain one Federal statute that we covered in class that your business

must follow and why.

II.Administrative Agency (Respond to either A or B): 10 points

  • Visit|paging:number=10 and find a Virginia agency that would regulate your business. Explain the purpose of the agency and name two things you learned from the website that would impact your business (in your own words). Provide the website address. (100 words)
  • Visit and find a form that your business would need to file to organize in Virginia. Name the form, explain the purpose of the form, describe the type of information you would need to provide on the form and the filing fee, if any.

III.Contracts:30 points

  • Draft one contract clause that relates to a specific area of your business and is essential for your business to operate. (Hint: Think of what type of contracts a business like yours might have and then draft it in your own words). Make sure your contract has all the necessary components for binding contracts.Explain:

(1) who is meant to sign this contract;

(2) what the importance of this contract is, and;

(3) what legal protections it gives your business.

Use your own words.Do not copy or paste from any source.

IV.Discrimination:20 points

  • Draft 2 guidelines for your Human Resource department to follow and explain how these guidelines prevent discrimination for protected classes. One guideline should address a policy for hiring, another for firing an employee.

V.Ethics 10 points

  • Your business has expanded overseas to the country of Belai.During a visit to your overseas location you find out for the first time that children, ages 10 and under, are working for you. You know child labor is against the law in the United States, but it is completely legal in Belai where your business is operating. Replacing the children with adults, would cost twice as much.What ethical issues does this raise for you and how will your business go about solving them?