need just total 2 pages

Service Program Project-STATE ONE AND TWO

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Class: Social Problems SOCIOLOGY
This is a group work between two classmates and myself.

Title/Topic: HIV/AIDS

2. Literature Review (I’m assuming one page)
c. Provide details on styles of research designs
e. Discuss potential solutions in literature.


(my part)
5. Climate Study Of needs based (THE RESEARCHER) ((Number 5 does not say how long, so anything you get and c an is fine.)
Should include-
a. A full research design
b. Operation Definition
c. Research questions
d. Type (es) of Methodology
e. Summary ( will make up findings)
f. Reject or Confirm
g. Recommendations for action ( will suggest and make up recommendations for services)

***PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE, MY NUMBER IS 2 (one page i think) AND (5 one page).