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1.  You have just been
assigned to Webstertown Middle School. The staff will be meeting you for the
first time during pre-service week before school starts.  Teacher morale is low and the school has
experienced a lot of change over the past two years. There are more new
teachers than seasoned teachers and test scores in math have declined. 55% of
the staff surveyed believe the school will not be able to significantly change
the negative perception of Webstertown. What is your vision for Webstertown
Middle School?  Explain what might
influence the development of your vision. How will you deliver this vision and
gain buy-in. What goals would you set? How would you prioritize?

morale is low at Webstertown. Teachers feel unsupported and believe the
evaluation process is unfair, subjective and lacks structure.  Based on what you know about the purpose of
supervision, the clinical model and mindsets, how would you address this?  What potential challenges/obstacles might you
face? What would you do to overcome the challenges?

3.  You just landed your dream Principal job. Historically, the
school you’ve been assigned to has been recognized as one of the best in the
district. Test scores exceed county and state averages. All subgroups are
showing growth at a rate higher than other schools across the district. To top
it off, parents are engaged and extremely supportive!

You are developing your entry plan and
beginning to strategize. What would be your vision/plan for moving this school
beyond great to extraordinary?

4.  Students and parents are complaining about the new Reading
teacher. She frequently makes negative comments to students in front of the
class regarding their lack of reading progress. One parent has stated she will
call the area superintendent’s office is the situation is not addressed. You
decide to have a courageous conversation with Ms. Oblivious. What will you say?
What next steps will you suggest?