Need English hep to write a 1000 word Argument Essay (Writers choice)

I will let the write choose the topic also to agree or disagree with it (your choice), some examples: Legalizing marijuana , is election process fair?, does curfew keep teens out of trouble, etc..(again your choice). 

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(Also please write like an undergrad, not to over the top please, so it won’t be too obvious lol, but a good paper, please read instructions below)


Week 7: Argument Essay Final Draft

The argument essay gives you the opportunity to support your position on a topic you feel
strongly about. Purpose, audience, and tone should be key elements in this essay in order to
make it effective for your reader. Remember that you must argue your position logically and
reasonably, using at least three credible sources to support your thesis.

For example, if your thesis statement is “The first step to solving the health care crisis in
America is to institute a single-payer health insurance system; removing the for-profit health
insurance companies from the process will decrease the cost of insurance for all Americans,”
you should use statistics and expert testimony that prove this point, like medical costs and
mortality rates in countries with single payer systems.

In this section, you will write revise and edit your rough draft, based on the comments you
received from your peer reviewer, and your own ideas about how to improve your essay.
Consider the questions below:

  • Revise: Read through what you have written and consider the following questions: Have you
    taken a clear enough position on the issue at hand? Are all of your paragraphs unified
    around a single, coherent point? Do they all have topic sentences? Do you have a good
    thesis statement? Do your paragraphs make sense in the order that they are currently in, or
    do they need reorganization? Do you have a solid introduction and conclusion? Can any
    more details be added? What else can be done to improve the essay, according to the
    guidelines of the rubric?

  • Edit: Read through what you have written and consider the following questions: Do your
    ideas move easily from point to point? Do you need to add transitions between your
    paragraphs? Can you describe in a more accurate and interesting way? Are there any
    grammatical errors, spelling errors, or punctuation problems? What else can be done to
    improve the essay, according to the guidelines of the rubric?

  • Make sure your essay is formatted in APA style!

Argument Essay Rubric


Essay indicates a controlling idea: A clear thesis statement indicates the essay’s
argument and position on the topic.


Essay develops a controlling idea: This thesis statement is developed throughout
the paper, without digressions, into a thoughtful, careful, precise argument. This
includes specific, cited quotations and paraphrases from the text.


Essay develops a strong and logical structure: The essay as a whole has a
unified, coherent, and developed point of view, with a thesis statement,
introduction that contextualizes the discussion, properly ordered body
paragraphs, and a conclusion that ties together the main points of the essay.
Transitions connect sentences and paragraphs throughout the essay.


Essay paragraphs are unified, coherent, and developed: Paragraphs make one
single, coherent point that fits within the structure of the essay. Topic sentences
and concluding sentences are used appropriately.


Essay uses three sources: The essay utilizes at least three different sources,
through paraphrases, summaries, or quotations, from a variety of sources. These
sources are integrated within the paper and provide evidence for the essay’s


Essay is edited and revised properly: The essay is written with clear, interesting,
sound sentences; appropriate tone; a lack of grammatical, mechanical,
typographical, and punctuation errors.


Essay uses proper in-text citations and references: All information taken from
other sources, including summaries, paraphrases, and quotations, are cited using
in-text citations and references. Each reference page is in correct APA style.


Essay meets APA formatting guidelines: The essay has an APA- style title page,
uses Times New Roman 12 font, has appropriate margins, and otherwise
acceptably meets APA standards.


Essay meets length guidelines: The essay should be about 1000 words in length.