Need English help to Watch the film version of the play “Crime of the Heart” and Review the film base

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From the provided list, choose one of the plays and watch
the film version (keep in mind that some plays have been filmed more than once;
be sure the film you watch matches the list by checking the actors).  Review the film based on the criteria below
in a 600-700 word typed report. You may use as many paragraphs as you wish, but
don’t make the report one never ending paragraph. Be sure to cover each of the
areas discussed below.

**Identify the name of the play and its author. Into which
general category would you place the play-drama, comedy, comedy/drama,
historical drama?

**State the basic premise of the play (DO NOT provide a complete plot summary). Be sure to identify all
the major character (don’t just refer to the characters by the name of the
actor portraying that character).

**Identify the nature of the conflict in the play.

**Does the movie try to be more of a “cinematic experience”
than simply a filmed stage play? Discuss whether you could have guessed the
movie was based on a play or whether the movie has been “opened up” (with
numerous scene change, outdoor photography, etc) to such an extent that its
original origins aren’t particularly apparent.

**Which actor turns in the best performance and/or is the
most entertaining? Refer to the actor by name, not just by the character’s
name. What do you like about this particular performance? Also discuss whether
any actor are miscast (that is, don’t really “fit” the part) or have
distracting accents or mannerisms.

**What do you think is the theme, or meaning, of the play?
Keep in mind that some plays feature several themes running concurrently.

**Any additional comments, praise or complaints about the
film version? The fact that a movie is “old” or in black-and white is NOT a legitimate complaint!


 Title of PLAY- “Crimes
of the Heart” by Beth Henley; with Diane Keaton, Jessica Lange and Sissy Spacek