Need business and finance help with a Homework Assignment about a hypothetical service-based company’s marketing plan

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Imagine that you are pitching your hypothetical
service-based company’s marketing plan to the Shark Tank Team for possible
investment. Make a three to five (3-5) minute dynamic Power point presentation in which you present your full marketing plan
from Assignments 1, 2, and 3 and need words being spoken written down.

Create a two to five (2-5) minute video presentation
in which you:

  1. Present
    the major points of your marketing plan.
  2. Project
    your voice in order to clearly convey your ideas.
  3. Present
    in a professional manner.
  4. Use
    technology (e.g., i.e. audio quality, video quality, naming conventions)
    to convey ideas.
  5. Use
    voice inflection and proper grammar.