Need answer to law questions below

1. Supervision is an important part of managing a law enforcement agency. Chapter 8
of the course textbook covers several supervision models used to effectively
manage police operations. Span of Control is one of the models examined and it
refers to identifying the appropriate number of employees that can be managed by
any one supervisor (p. 227). Give your opinion regarding what is the
appropriate span of control and explain your rationale. Please see except taken from the textbook directly below.     

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        Span of control refers to the appropriate number of
employees that can be managed by any one supervisor. What this  magic number
should be has been part of the debates among scholars and practitioners alike.
This concept can be applied both to employees and the people they
supervise.  For example, span of control
is a central question in the delivery of services to probationers and parolees.
Concerns over the maximum number of probationers who can be supervised by one
agent have plagued community corrections officials for years. For police
departments, span of control refers to the number of  officers that can be reasonable monitored by
a supervisor.

2. How does one evaluate access control, and what types of physical
security and access control systems do you recommend for a specific example or
real life location?