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I obtained my ADN from Grayson College in Denison, TX. It “…was organized as a junior college in 1963 by the Grayson County Development Council” (Handbook, 2010, p.1). After college bonds were sold in 1964, Cruce Stark became the college’s first president. The first classes began in September of 1965 and initial enrollment was 1,479. The original name was Grayson County College and it offered courses leading to associate degrees in arts, engineering, science, and business administration. The name changed about 6 years ago to just Grayson College. Faculty numbered 112 in 1972 and then in 1974 student enrollment in regular term was 3,854. At this time Truman Wester was president during this time. “In the 1990s the Grayson County College East and West campuses were on 480 acres of land near Lake Texoma. There were seventeen buildings on the main campus” (Handbook, 2010, p.1). The five instructional divisions of the college were: academic studies, careers and technology, developmental studies, health sciences, and workforce development. They offer both LVN and RN programs and new this year they have started offering RN to BSN classes. They have paired up with an area University to be able to do this and it is very exciting for our area.

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