Need a 3 page anthropology paper

Prompt from the professor 1. a) Read the following article: Coontz, Stephanie. 2005. “The Radical Idea of Marrying for
b) Listen to the podcast “When Did Marriage Become So Hard?”
2. Outline the main issues discussed in the article and the podcast. Interview a friend or a relative
to find out how they feel about the issues you have outlined. Don’t be satisfied with one-line
answers, ask probing questions to get a better idea of your respondent’s thinking and their
expectations for marriage.
3. Write a 3-5 page essay to present your findings. In your essay:
a) summarize the main issues of the article and the podcast; explain why they are
b) introduce the person you interviewed – who are they?
c) present your interview data comparing your respondent’s views with the views
expressed in the article and the podcast:
– discuss their similarities and differences;
– does your friend/relative accept arranged

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