natural law and natural rights relate to Social Darwinism essay

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In this assignment, you will consider how the concepts of
natural law and natural rights relate to Social Darwinism and how that relationship
might be problematic.

Instructions 1.Review the article in the lessons relating racism
to Social Darwinism (see below), a theory that uses the idea of natural law to purport that
the suffering of the weak is best for humankind.

2.In a Word document, write a short essay based on the
questions below.

•Does the relationship between natural law and Social
Darwinism surprise you? Why or why not? What about the relationship between
Social Darwinism and racism?

•Has your opinion of Social Darwinism changed or remained
the same after reading the article? Why?

•How have the theory of Social Darwinism and the information
in the article influenced your views of natural law and natural rights? What
problems might arise in applying these theories in society?

Must be 3 pages.  APA
references cited.