my topic is global warming


Project 1 asks you to explore a
controversial issue by analyzing the positions of two stakeholders who,
though equally engaged with the issue, have conflicting points of view.
Project 1 asks that you find common ground between the stakeholders’
positions and that you bring these stakeholders together in a compromise
that can move the issue toward some degree of resolution. For Part 1,
you will complete the guiding questions and paragraph response noted
below. These questions will help you focus your research, organize your
thinking, brainstorm compromise possibilities, and refine your analysis.
The paragraph response will help you begin to put your ideas together
and generate essay content to take into the next Project component.

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Skills & Strategies

This Part 1 Assignment will help you to

  • research controversial issues and narrow your research focus
  • build on your information literacy, critical thinking, note-taking, and assessment skills
  • analyze stakeholders’ interests, circumstances, and perspectives
  • define your research focus by selecting two stakeholders who hold differing stances on the same controversial topic
  • evaluate common ground potential in seemingly opposing arguments
  • brainstorm possible compromise/solution between stakeholders’ positions


You will begin by selecting a
controversial topic, which you will focus on for the duration of the
semester. Then you will identify two stakeholders engaged with the issue
who hold different views. Once you have identified your selected issue
and two stakeholders, you are ready to answer the guiding questions and
respond to the paragraph below the questions to complete this Part 1
Early Draft. Please download these guiding questions and the paragraph
response into a Word document, thoroughly answer each question in
complete sentences, and upload the document to MyReviewers by the assigned due date.


  1. List at least ten stakeholder groups that have a voice or viewpoint on your topic.
  2. Choose four specific
    stakeholder organizations and write their slogans or mission
    statements. You can find slogans or mission statements on the
    organization’s website. Be sure to cite your sources.
  3. Analyze two stakeholder
    organizations that seem to have conflicting viewpoints on your topic.
    What are their viewpoints, and how are they different?
  4. Stay with
    your two stakeholder organizations from question 3. What do they have in
    common? Describe the goals or values that the organizations share.
  5. Given the
    shared goals and values that your two organizations share, describe a
    part of your topic that they could both agree on—that’s your common
  6. Explain
    how your two stakeholder organizations could achieve a compromise. What
    would each stakeholder organization have to contribute to reach this
    compromise? What would each stakeholder organization have to give up?
  7. What needs
    to happen to accomplish your compromise? Prove that your compromise
    will actually work using research, such as articles that support your
    logic, that report on a similar situation in which your idea has
    previously been successful, or that prove the viability of your

In addition to your responses to the seven guiding questions (and on the same document you will upload to MyReviewers),
write a “working” thesis statement and 250 words about your stakeholder
organizations, their common ground, and your proposed compromise.

you must list sources for the stakeholders organizations