*my suggested Topic: can be counterfeiting and forgery or you can suggest one too please but it has to be approved.*

The research paper in the cybercrime course allows students to explore a particular cyber-crime related topic in greater detail than other content in the course.

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In this assignment students will research and propose a research topic for their research paper. Potential topics can come from the textbook or from outside sources but students should check the library databases for journal articles on the topic prior to proposing the topic. The topics will need to be sufficiently focused. For example, students should not propose, “Cyber Fraud.” They would rather be better served to propose, “Credit Card related Cyber Fraud in the United States.”

***my suggested Topic: can be counterfeiting and forgery or you can suggest one too please but it has to be approved.***

To assess your ability

  • Discuss various definitions and typologies of cybercrime.
  • Analyze the extent of cybercrime victimization and associated costs.
  • Analyze common technology system vulnerabilities and related exploitations.
  • Apply various theoretical perspectives to practical scenarios relevant to cybercrime and cyber-criminals.
  • Assess the role of both the private sector and criminal justice agencies in investigating, prosecuting, and preventing cybercrime.


Students will work on continuing their research on their proposed research topic. The Annotated Bibliography is a key step in providing their research into a useful form.

Developing an AB will be helpful for writing the full research paper. The AB allows students to collect research information and make it useful for the writing process. It also can serve as a template for the reference page.


  1. Read the chapters for the week and also review in any other reading or video material provided in the course. In several cases these items are in different learning objects in the module.
  2. Participate in the discussion forums outlined for the week
  3. Conduct outside research via the scholarly research databases that you can access in the Criminal Justice Administration Library Guide. The best papers are supported by evidence from the textbook and/or scholarly journal articles from the databases that are properly cited in APA format.
  4. Lay out at least five peer-reviewed citations in full APA format. Write a paragraph or more under each source such that you adequately summarize and describe how this source will be used in your final paper. Review the example of a source, spacing, formatting in the image below

5. Write the 5-7 page research paper draft from the components already submitted include the rergular APA reference at the bottom of the paper.

6. Develop a PowerPoint with at least 5 slides. Detail your research paper and at least 3 proposed sources

********please make sure you separete part 4,5 and 6 is a power point on a different paper ********